Who we are: 

Rawdish Was founded in 2015 by dynamic and hard-working Millennials out of a necessity for clean food. 

“Supermarkets had closed by the time you leave the office and so-called healthy take-away options, with their un-transparent ingredient lists and barley nutritive options, were just not good enough. Boring salads left you hungry and sandwiches made you tired…”

 by an anonymous sports freak ;-)


If there is a McDonald’s and a McFit why couldn’t there be a McHealthy?                Fast, nourishing and vitalising smart food was born to feed this need!


What makes Rawdish so unique is that it has been developed for a real customer, not willing to trade taste for calories but looking for unprocessed healthy Take Away options with all characteristics of mother nature’s homemade kitchen.

"We are clearly targeting new generation which is unwilling to pay for unnecessary service but ready to invest in the future, healthy lifestyle and take responsibility for the environment."

Our products are:


Don't panic, we are even certified organic.

Rawdish uses only highest quality ingredients because your body absorbs not only good substances but also nasty pesticides every time you eat. This is especially vital while consuming cold-pressed juices that flood your cells immediately. 


Pinkie promise: You don't need sugar, you are sweet enough.

Our products contain No Chemicals, No Added Sugar, No Preservatives, No Pasteurizers, No HPP.

Our clean (raw) and delicious superfoods are clearly labelled - all ingredients with their benefits and potential allergens.

Choose between Detox, Protein Power, Work-Out Support or a Glowing Hair&Skin options.

All our fresh products are curative, life-prolonging, tasty and energising.

To Go!

Take me anytime, take me everywhere!

Rawdish is the best friend of busy people. We take care of your breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, juices, detox boxes and power bowls that you can easily find or be delivered all over Luxembourg city.

Just Grab & Go! 

...Oh and why not serve Rawdish for your next brunch… We bet nobody knew how well you can cook ;-)


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